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Image by Manuel Nägeli

Florida All State Practice

Stay on top of your practice this summer. Stay tuned for helpful tutorials and guides on all things All State. We will be showing the best ways to practice the etudes, excerpts, and scales for the most successful audition!

Image by Milk-Tea

If you are going to be in 7th or 8th grade in the '23-'24 school year, this is for you. Get ready to play two octave scales and challenging etudes right here!

Going into 9th or 10th grade? This page was made for you. Conquer the 3-octave scales this summer and learn some great technique tips right here!

Image by Larisa Birta
Image by Kazuo ota

You may be graduating soon, but you still have a shot at making it to the highest level orchestra at All State. The requirements are no joke, but we will show you how you can practice to have the best shot at making it!

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